Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KTVQ gets cozy with Montana Democrats.

As if you needed more proof that the media is pulling the weight for democrats. Tonight’s edition of the KTVQ news is proof. In the first several minutes all they did was show democrat stories.

Example one-During the budget story, they showed Republicans during the bad news. During the hopey-light at the end of the tunnel portion, they show democrats. I know this is not the strongest claim; however, it portrays Republicans in a negative light. In fact they painted a picture the Governor has been trying to paint for months. It brings to mind when Hearst cabled, "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.”

A University of Wisconsin J-School study states that, “Potential biases in valance news coverage in each election can be determined by computing the percent of total candidate coverage that favors each candidate.” The study goes on to talk about the amount of negative news for one side versus positive for the other.

Tonight’s KTVQ news has four stories dedicated to Democrats in Montana. The one mentioned above is where it started. Secondly, they dedicate a fluff piece about the Governor’s push for additional taxes and regulations of pharmaceutical companies. Then, we see the governor praising green energy in Montana. Finally, the straw that broke this camel’s back, “Montana Democrats focused on Jobs,” a total fluff piece.

Now, the Governor’s plans for more taxes and regulation of out of state “tax evaders” is a story where the Governor should speak. It is his plan; however, he doesn’t give a lot of details. Going into a shrinking budget, details would be nice. If were going to spend $1000 to collect $100 it is not worth it. If these companies are evading taxes in the millions of dollars-let’s talk. We know Nancy Pelosi’s staffers and Democrat leadership avoids taxes. Oh so does Tim Geithner.

The second story about the new transmission lines is news worthy story; however, continued use of the Governor and only the Governor is bogus. For instance let’s bring in the Jefferson County Attorney who sued the state to get local input? Where is Mr. Johnson? Or would that be a little taxing on the biggest news station in Montana?

Finally, I would have let this all go; however, we show 12 democrats, all up for election this year! This story presents no plan, no solution, and just pretty images… This was a push piece on behalf of the news company. The Democrats stood in a building for Green designs. Any guess on who that company supports?

I doubt will hear about the fairness doctrine on this one… Since it’s not really going to help the demo-rats, it won’t hurt the republicans more.

Well KTVQ, I am glad to see that fairness in media. That stuff Liar McGuire is always spewing about the station Jay Kohn works for…

To KULR8 this family will go every night for the news.

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James said...

Joey, Checking your choice of turning from CBS to NBC, I see you are limited ...

Locally, I sometimes watch NBC (KTVH) news and often am in disbelief of the bias I perceive. Maybe it's just me, but I do think others realize the divide and sit through it and the cheeky commercials for the weather. Informative post IMO and good luck with kulr8.

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